Aleksandra Urszula Dudojć

Owner and CEO : A.DUDOJĆ 

A graduate of the Department of Management and Psychology in Szczecin. Specialist in Business Psychology.
Since July 2012 she has been an entrepreneur running her own business. In recent years, she has created three original brands as a hobby. 
Until 2019, she was involved in management, training, branding projects and professional business psychological counseling in Berlin.
,,since 2012 I have gone through a fairly intense professional path to be where I am now. It is thanks to many years of experience that I am able to offer my clients, contractors professional psychological counseling in the field of business and self-improvement''.  ~A.Dudojć~


  • University of Szczecin Specialization : Management and Specialization : Law
  • SWPS in Sopot Specialization : Psychology
  • West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin Specialization : Business Psychology
  • Poznan School of Security Specialist training: Lie Detection
  • Central Anti-Corruption Bureau Specialist Training : Business Corruption
  • Central Anti-Corruption Bureau Specialist training : Social consequences of corruption
  • Goethe-Institut German Language Diploma C2


  • 2012 distinction at the end of the year in the Plebiscite of Entrepreneurs of the Year as the youngest entrepreneur in West Pomerania
  • 2013 distinction in the Plebiscite of Entrepreneurial Women in West Pomerania  
  • 2014 award and distinction for the best trainer and international trainer
  • 2015 award for trainer of the international cosmetics business
  • 2018 award for the Top 10 brands in Berlin
  • 2018 award and distinction in the Top 100 best international trainers in business
  • 2019 award for Top International Business among the top 100 brands 

additional education

  • 1 March 2013, completion of training and apprenticeships. Perfect Day Wedding Consultants Warsaw program. Obtaining the title and certification to practice the profession of "Wedding Consultant"
  • 12 September 2019, the completion of a professional course with the certification of the Future Investment program. Obtaining a professional license in Polish, English and German "Interior Designer" with permission to practice the profession internationally.