Aleksandra Urszula Dudojć

Owner and CEO : A.DUDOJĆ

A graduate of the Department of Management and Psychology in Szczecin. Specialist in business psychology.
Since July 2012 she has been an entrepreneur running her own business . In recent years, she has created three proprietary patent brands as a hobby.
Until 2019, she was involved in the management of professional beauty facilities, training, branding projects and professional business consulting in Berlin.


  • University of Szczecin Specialization : Management and Specialization : Law
  • SWPS University in Sopot Specialization : Psychology 
  • West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin Specialization : Business Psychology
  • Beauty and Training Centre Szczecin Specialty : Cosmetology
  • Diamond Cosmetics Training Centre and Academy Qualifications : International Beauty Trainer
  • D5 Beauty Germany : Cosmetic Masterclass
  • University of Security in Poznan Training : Detecting Lies
  • Central Anti-Corruption Bureau Specialist training: Corruption in business
  • Central Anti-Corruption Bureau Specialist training: Social consequences of corruption
  • Goethe-Institut Deutshes Sprachdiplom C2
,,Since 2012, I have gone through quite an intense professional path to be where I am now. Thanks to many years of experience, I am able to offer my clients, contractors professional advice and services''.  ~A.Dudojć~


  • 2012 award at the end of the year in the Plebiscite of Entrepreneurs of the Year as the youngest entrepreneur in West Pomerania
  • 2013 distinction in the Plebiscite of Entrepreneurial Women in West Pomerania 
  • 2014 award and distinction for the best trainer of the international beauty industry
  • 2015 award for the trainer of the international cosmetics business
  • 2018 award for the Top 10 beauty brands in Berlin
  • 2018 award and distinction in the Top 100 best international trainers in the beauty business
  • 2019 award for Top International Business among the best 100 brands in the beauty industry
  • 2023 nomination in the plebiscite Manager of the Year of Małopolska in the segment of micro and small enterprises.

Supplementary education

  • 1 March 2013 completion of training and apprenticeship. Perfect Day Wedding Consultants Program Warsaw. Obtaining the title and certification to practice the profession of "Wedding Consultant"
  • 12 September 2019 completion of a vocational course with Future Investment program certification. Obtaining a professional license in Polish, English and German "Interior Designer" with the admission to practice internationally.