Aleksandra's Design

Aleksandra's Design is the main brand of A.DUDOJĆ, is on the market since 2012. The main range of services offered are exclusively professional business psychology consulting services complementing the business services | branding | marketing.


  • Coordination of the merger process
  • Brand transformation
  • Psychological counseling

  • Business mediation
  • Strategic consulting
  • Advice in negotiations

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Creating and creating brands
  • Usługi Strategiczne

    Coordination of the merger process

    A merger or acquisition of a business, a brand of a part of an organized enterprise requires excellent assessment, legal preparation, analysis, audit and coordination. Each merger or acquisition is different, which is why we select the most specialized team for each order. Supporting our clients and preparing them thoroughly for negotiations, mediation and finalization of this venture.

    Brand transformation

    As with a merger, brand transformation can be crucial and requires a very thorough strategy and analysis. There is no place for mistakes and shortcomings in this process. It is important whether the brand is key in the segment, the main one, or maybe the side one. What counts is not only the concept, the idea, but also the security of legal and financial resources. It is our responsibility to prepare a turnkey transformation so that the customer has all aspects of his brand.

    Psychological counseling

    Strategies, plans, advice and guidance are an essential element. In the same way, the psychological background of preparation of the company and in particular leaders | CEOs and managers. We work according to the American system of psychological business consulting, often used also in Eastern business concepts.
    Nowadays and rushing, even the strongest leaders need external counseling, a psychological session that sorts out their internal conflicts regarding the professional and personal fields. Our clients treat this service as a conversation with a trusted friend, thanks to which they find answers and enthusiasm for action.
    Thanks to us, chaos, momentum and turmoil cease to be a problem, because there is a professional next to you who knows how to listen and how to lead.


    Business mediation

    In Poland, it is accepted that mediation is needed only at the time of conflicts and disputes. We offer mediation before this happens based on the scheme of management forms of foreign companies. Where mediation is used from the beginning of creating brands, transforming or even building concepts or cooperation. Thanks to the use of prophylaxis, we protect the interests of our clients before there are quarrels, thus preventing them.  

    Strategic consulting

    Since 2019, we have been transferring this scope to professionals cooperating with us. Thanks to them, our clients receive a full analysis of possible development strategies, analysis and are professionally conducted.

    Advice in negotiations

    Based on the American system, we prepare our clients for negotiations based on the necessary range of facilities that professionals in individual fields perform for us. Our task is to prepare substantive, psychological and strategic for such meetings and conversations. It is the clients who decide whether they need our presence at the meetings or decide only for thorough preparation.  



    Since 2008, we have been actively cooperating and creating marketing for family businesses. In the scope of our activities were advertisements, promotions, radio and media projects, websites, promotional materials, logos, etc. for car dealers, specialist real estate activities and construction activities.
    Since 2012, we have also opened up to other industries, but strictly defined in the field of specialized real estate, hotels, cosmetics industries, etc.
    Since 2019, we have been providing marketing services exclusively for brands only for family businesses.


    Branding is nothing more than creating an image or brand. In recent years, we have had the pleasure to coordinate and co-create 12 patent brands. 
    In addition, in the segment of our family business brands, we co-created and carried out patent coordination for the brand Rezydencja Myśliwska, which is our last project and brand created from scratch.

    Creating and
    creating brands

    In addition to projects of co-creating brands for other activities, we have also created our own hobbyist original brands. Two of them are very well known on international markets in the fields of the beauty industry. These include Rosali Company and Rosali Beauty in Berlin. Repeatedly awarded as a Beauty Leaders. Sold in 2019 as top brands in Berlin.
    In addition to our hobby brands | products include proprietary perfumes under the name AX POLAND. Available for purchase on our online shop or from our business partners.