Private Labels

Since 2012, the company has created 12 own brands. Some of them have become recognizable on international markets. Most of the brands were implemented in the beauty, advertising and marketing segments.
The last own brand focused entirely on the beauty segment was carried out in Berlin in Germany since 2013. Awarded many times in prestigious international plebiscites, it was a pearl of activity. With the completion of the project in 2019, the company decided to stop creating new brands in the beauty segment. Focusing its activities entirely on brands in the activities of the family network.

International projects

In recent years, A. DUDOJĆ has been involved in cooperation and consulting in the creation of brands internationally. Most of the projects were carried out for clients from Germany, Bulgaria, Belarus, Norway and England.
A significant attribute of the company's activity is the use of advanced techniques, selecting innovative solutions for customers. By supporting all projects with a combination of innovation and traditional solutions that are timeless for certain business segments.

For the company, the priority in cooperation is professionalism, discretion and confidentiality. That is why no information about brands, campaigns and projects carried out for clients is published anywhere.


The company started creating brands in 2012. Currently known in Poland, the concept of "branding" is the main scope of projects and campaigns carried out by A.DUDOJĆ.
Brand creation is fundamentally focused on the combination of various marketing techniques and methods, strategic forms, and the execution of a plan aimed at introducing a product or business to the market. 
The company pays very close attention to the smallest details and, unlike other activities in its segment, performs its projects combining branding and management until it completes a turnkey order. By giving your customers a brand that is not only recognizable, but also acquires customers.


In recent years, A.DUDOJĆ has specialized in a specific segment and industries of brand creation. Focusing on creating campaigns and marketing strategies for specific groups. The leading industries in the range of activities include:
  • Beauty Salons | aesthetic medicine clinics
  • Investment Properties
  • Accommodation facilities | Hotels | Restaurants | Cafes
  • Publishing
The only exception to this segment is the company's own perfume collection created in 2020.