About the owner

A graduate of the Department of Management and Psychology in Szczecin. Specialist in Business Psychology.
Since July 2012 she has been an entrepreneur running her own business...

About the company

A.DUDOJĆ is a junior company of the network of family brands DUDOJĆ Sp. z o.o., on the market since 2012.

From the end of 2022, the activity of the company has focused on management and marketing - branding activities for the Hunter Residence in Koszalin, which belong to the senior company DUDOJĆ Sp. z o.o. .

It is a specialized company of professional consulting, marketing and branding.

In particular,  is the company known for her patent brands in the beauty industry.

The main scope of activity covered four leading segments: marketing, branding, commerce and from 2020 publishing. The leading brands belonging to A.DUDOJĆ are: Aleksandra's Design and AX POLAND.

Hunter Residence




A brand created with passion since 2012. A.DUDOJĆ is not only professionalism, but also a continuation of the concept of traditional business as well as innovation. A.DUDOJĆ is a newer brand in the form of a junior company of the family network DUDOJĆ Sp. z o.o.