A.DUDOJĆ based in Krakow is a creative, innovative company with many years of experience. Since 2012, she has been helping to create brands for luxury brands, facilities and companies in the cosmetics industry.  

Currently, A.DUDOJĆ has one personal brand in its portfolio:

  • Aleksandra's Design - which is the name of the creative and advertising agency A.DUDOJĆ.

Aleksandra's Design by A.DUDOJĆ

Aleksandra's Design is one of the first personal brands of the A.DUDOJĆ company. Created in 2013 to carry out activities related to branding, marketing services, consulting services and managed facilities services as a professional agency.

Branding is a key element for your business

Are you planning to launch a brand? Or maybe take care of a better presentation and reception?

The website itself, business cards, flyers, logos are not everything. If you want to stand out from your competition, you need to have an excellent brand for your brand.

Thanks to many years of experience on the Polish and international market, we offer the highest quality services and implementations in cooperation with the best specialists.


In recent years, the Aleksandra's Design by A.DUDOJĆ brand has been coordinating, creating and creating brands in a very broad segment of industries.
Its portfolio includes brands and companies in the Real Estate, Accommodation and Beauty segments.


From 2012 to 2019, the company gained considerable experience on the Polish and international markets by managing institutions in the cosmetics and medical industry. 
In 2023, the company took over the exclusive management of the facility Rezydencja Myśliwska Apartamenty in Koszalin. 

How do we work?

Since 2012 we have been meeting all the expectations that our customers have and changes in the market, we always try to be up to date. We offer not only creative designs, a nice visual company, a business card, but also an experienced team that is ready to lead and create your brand professionally.

We have been trusted by companies such as...