About the owner

A graduate of the Department of Management and Psychology in Szczecin. Specialist in Business Psychology.
Since July 2012 she has been an entrepreneur running her own business...

About the company

A.DUDOJĆ | PRESTIGIO GROUP is an international psychological law firm specializing in the field of business, personal improvement and motivation.
We are distinguished by attention to every detail, in addition to consulting and coordinating projects, our clients also receive professional legal care. Guaranteed by our contractors.
We guarantee prestige, discretion and professionalism.

Since 2012, we have created 12 well-known patent brands on international markets.
In addition, we have created our own original hobby brands:
  • Rosali Company Berlin
  • Rosali Beauty Berlin
And a brand in the segment of our family businesses, which is the last patent project:


Recent years of working with clients, contractors and on projects have changed the form of our workshops and trainings. That is why we have created a program:
  • for Business
  • for You


We are a respected, reliable and long-term partner for many business brands.
The scope of our activities includes:
  • Branding 
  • Marketing
  • Strategic consulting
  • Merger consulting and coordination
  • Mediation in negotiations
  • Business mediation