Facility Management

The company comprehensively manages the accommodation facility Rezydencja Myśliwska in Koszalinie. Rezydencja Myśliwska Apartamenty is an organized apartment building for long-term and short-term rental in a renovated historical building belonging to the family company DUDOJĆ Sp. z o.o. . 

The task of A.DUDOJĆ was to create and create a brand that currently represents this beautiful historic building, awarded in the PZITB competition in the nationwide plebiscite "Construction of the Year 2019" for the revitalization of the monument.

The brand Rezydencja Myśliwska - Apartamenty under the supervision and management of A.DUDOJĆ, has also been recognized in the 2023 and 2024 Traveller Review Awards Booking.com

Marketing and branding activities

Combining many comprehensive activities, A.DUDOJĆ coordinates all plans, strategies, marketing and branding activities for the facility. By strongly expanding the offer and currently adapting the needs of the campaign to the expectations of DUDOJĆ Sp. z o. o.

scope of work A.DUDOJĆ

  • End-to-end facility management
  • Logotype and assistance in the execution of the patent
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Creation and management of the Residence Kitchen
  • Creating and designing advertising materials

Rezydencja Myśliwska

We encourage you to visit the website and learn about the unique offer of Rezydencji Myśliwskiej in Koszalinie.