about Aleksandra's Design

Aleksandra's Design is one of the first personal brands of A.DUDOJĆ. All marketing activities of the company have been carried out under its banner since 2012. Activities in the marketing segment are focused on:
  • consultancy
  • implementation of short-term and long-term projects
  • implementation of graphic designs
  • implementation of virtual projects
  • strategic consulting of campaigns / advertising activities

,,Our showcase is knowledge, experience and professionalism''

The company can be boldly described as a company with a traditional foundation, which is a pioneer, using innovative forms of activities and consulting. Combining very traditional, conservative trends with prevailing trends (such as those currently known among young social media recipients). The main assumption and strategy of activity is to create exclusive, durable, long-lived brands, known outside the virtual world, addressed to a very specific target group.

Since 2012, A.DUDOJĆ has become an excellent business partner for enterprises and business customers focusing on, as well as owning exclusive Premium and Platinum brands.


,,We take care of every smallest detail''

In the palette of its projects, the company performs short and long-term projects. Each cooperation is created individually, so before determining whether the project will be short or long-term, the following services are performed:
  • Consultation and advisory meeting
  • Strategic meeting, discussing opportunities and financial outlays.
After the completion of the first stage necessary to start cooperation, conditions are set.
*Prices of implementation services are adjusted individually to the project.

Short and long-term projects

,,We are a reliable international business partner''

Among the first services offered by the company were the implementation of websites, business cards. Currently, the services of this segment are closely connected to the company's branding projects.

Virtual projects

,,We carry out projects in the country and internationally''

The graphics department is one of the most extensive in A.DUDOJĆ. From simple projects such as projects to business cards, leaflets, etc. , to projects advanced to local, national and international advertising, logos, graphics for websites, social media.

Over the years, the company has cooperated with many professional subcontractors, printing houses, advertising agencies performing large format advertisements. Thanks to this, A.DUDOJĆ is able to offer its clients a very wide range of services for the implementation of projects.

Graphic design

,,Our strategies are not reading tea leaves, but a clear plan to achieve the goal''

Taking care of the highest quality of services offered. Our strategic consultations are an extremely precise service. We discuss in them in great detail what is the purpose related to the product or order.

Focusing on what is the actual state as at the date of the analysis and what is our priority to achieve the assumed goals. The key to this consultation will be what happens next and when.  

Strategic consultations