Dla Ciebie...


People prefer negation to a positive self-image. It is easier for us to doubt how to believe. And by choosing this program, you decide to accept that you are in a unique way!


The hardest lesson is to set boundaries, to bet on yourself. Determining the balance and decision to change because we are afraid of losing what we currently have.
The truth is that you never lose something that you have to fight for from the beginning and act against yourself.
Know your worth, so as not to duplicate the scheme, put yourself first.


To find a balance, we don't need others, we need ourselves. Everyday life makes us let ourselves be carried away into a whirlpool, we get lost, we feel powerless.
When we lose our balance, let's find it and see that it doesn't have to be so hard.


Duties, work, home, or maybe children and marriage. Our life is an endless list of activities, and where are we in all this?
Who have we really become, what did we forget when we thought of ourselves? Let's not forget how special we are.


Sometimes the most drastic methods are required to change anything. In order to get rid of fears, underestimation, defensive syndromes or escapes, a very insightful picture of us, our weaknesses, the past, what caused us the greatest pain or limited us the most is required.
The methods of radical psychology are one of the most effective methods, but also require complete assertiveness towards oneself.


I've changed / I've changed and I can't quite find myself in new skin?
Physical or mental change takes time, but it is not a lifelong form. Maybe it's time to open your eyes that you can be an even better and more perfect version of yourself every day.
Maybe it's time to love yourself, to get to know yourself, not the image created by others.


I would really like to but ...
Over the years, we have learned to make excuses, to justify our fears. What is a restriction really? Is it a matter of finance, status, or maybe just a limitation of ourselves?
If you are ready to change it, just take the first step.


We often confuse straw enthusiasm with motivation, because as soon as it appears, it disappears so quickly. 
Or we have a goal but we lack another stimulus and we let go.
If, reading this, you feel that this is something for you, it means that you are ready to say stop to not finishing things, activities, plans and say yes to start, implement and finish.


Changes in 4 steps is one of the most intensive courses and workshops. You decide for yourself what is included in your 4 steps. How would you create something unique exclusively for yourself.

You can choose from four positions, and the course/workshop is only individual. You can choose from:
  • You are a special person
  • Boundaries and changes
  • Balans
  • i am... a Woman
  • Radical cleansing
  • Self-acceptance
  • Constraints
  • Motivation and execution
What will go into your 4 steps?

Dla Biznesu...


Fear of failure can be the biggest brake. You have a business but you are afraid of changes, you are afraid of trends or you do not fully find yourself in the accepted schemes. Instead of success, do you think about failure?
Tell it stop!
Let yourself be guided and you will succeed, because you will get rid of limitations.

I plan &
I will be

Do you have many ideas, but you do not know how to implement them?
You've been putting your project off for the last few years. It doesn't have to be this way!
All you have to do is to open yourself for help, and this step is your first success.


You have trouble determining the ideal direction, industry. You'd rather be your own boss than work for someone.
Maybe you're even your own boss, and you can't determine what to do next.
We will help you determine the direction and your field, show you how you can start, develop, or how to plant the perfect plan and how to implement it.